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El Morro
El Morro


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La Parguera: Bioluminescent Bay
Along Puerto Rico’s southwestern coast lies the Bioluminescent Bay, known for its plant life, which glows when disturbed.  I visited the bay with my father and my two young kids. Read more...
Tamarindo, Costa Rica
The small city of Tamarindo is located along Costa Rica's northern Pacific coast, in the popular Guanacaste region.  In recent years Tamarindo's beach's popularity has exploded as the Guanacaste region has drawn increasing numbers of foreign tourists, and hotels, restaurants and shops have quickly sprung up in the town.  Read more...
Isla Margarita, Venezuela
Just off the northern shore of Venezuela lies Isla Margarita, or Margarita Island,  one of the Caribbean's finest vacation destinations.  Take luxury resorts, shopping, fine dining, and idyllic beaches and combine them with low costs in comparison to other Caribbean islands, and you've got the winning combination that is Isla Margarita. Read more...
Five Places to Visit in Uruguay
With all it has to offer, it's a wonder that Uruguay is not more popular among travellers.  With idyllic beaches, fabulous food, historic monuments and cultural treasures, Uruguay has much to see and do.    Here are a few of Uruguay's top vacation spots. Read more...
Puerto Madryn, Argentina
Its location on the eastern coast of Argentina along the Golfo Nuevo, home to exotic sea creatures like sea lions, seals and penguins, makes Puerto Madryn, the main town of the Valdes Peninsula, a popular destination for Argentinean and foreign travelers.  Read more...
Pipa, Brazil
The village of Pipa, located along the northeastern tip of Brazil, is a beach lover's dream.  Located in the district of Tibau do Sul, which is bounded on one side by the Guairiras lagoon and on the other by the Atlantic Ocean, the Pipa area is home to natural wonders ranging from lush rainforest, dramatic cliffs, sand dunes and miles of fabulous beaches. Read more...
Puerto Nuevo, Mexico
Puerto Nuevo is one of those quirky little destinations you've gotta love... Read more...
Nazca Lines, Peru
Part of  the draw to the ruins of  Inca and Maya civilizations is the mystique that surrounds them.  Why did the ancients create these structures?  Why did they align some of them to the heavens, and how did they align them so perfectly?  Did they know something that we don't? Read more...
Liberia, Costa Rica
In recent years Costa Rica's Guanacaste region has experienced a huge jump in its tourism industry, with travelers arriving in droves to experience Guanacaste's idyllic beaches and brand spanking new resorts.  Liberia is a medium sized city and the capital of Guanacaste province, with an international airport that allows easy access to the region. Read more...
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