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If you think one waterfall is amazing, prepare to be wowed by Iguazu Falls, a network of more than 275 waterfalls located in a lush canyon along the border of Brazil and Argentina.  
Iguazu Falls, Argentina
Iguazu Falls, Argentina
Parque Nacional Iguaz˙, Argentina
You can begin your explorations at the Visitors Center of the Parque Nacional Iguaz˙, where you can catch a train that will take you to two hiking trails.  The lower circuit  meanders along the bottom of the canyon, while the upper circuit takes visitors along the top of the falls.  You can choose to hike both trails, or just one.  Both are magnificent, though most travelers agree that the lower circuit offers the better views.   Iguazu National Park has been designated a World Heritage Site by UNESCO.

Parque Nacional Iguaz˙
Victoria Aguirre 66
(3370) Puerto Iguaz˙ - Misiones - Argentina
Tel.: 54 3757 4232 / 42072 / 420382

Lodging Near Iguazu Falls, Argentina
If you're planning to stay in the Iguazu Falls area, you'll find there are a few good hotels.  On to try is the  Sheraton International Iguaz˙ Resort & Spa, located right on the grounds of Parque Nacional Iguaz˙.
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