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Puerto Madryn, Argentina

Whale at Puerto Madryn, Argentina

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By: Lorraine Rivera

Its location on the eastern coast of Argentina along the Golfo Nuevo, home to exotic sea creatures like sea lions, seals and penguins, makes Puerto Madryn, the main town of the Valdes Peninsula, a popular destination for Argentinean and foreign travelers.  

Whale Watching
One of the most popular pasttimes in the Puerto Madryn area is whale watching.  Travelers can take a bus from Puerto Madryn to Puerto Pyramides, where the whale watching tours depart.  You can arrange the tour in Puerto Madryn, or once you arrive in Puerto Pyramides.

Welsh Heritage
The town was established in 1865 when a ship arrived from Wales carrying 1500 Welsh immigrants.  To this day there are hundreds of residents of the towns of Puerto Madryn, Gaiman and Trelew who speak Welsh as well as Spanish. Visitors can spot hints of the Welsh influence here and there, such as Casa de Viejas Chimeneas, a tea house and tea museum that serves a Welsh tea in nearby Gaiman.  There is also the statue "El Indio," located along the coast, which was dedicated by the early Welsh settlers to the helpful indigenous population.

Museo de Punta Cuevas
This museum pays tribute to the Welsh settlers and the hardships they endured. See the caves where the Welsh  lived after they first arrived, located behind the museum.  

Punta Cuevas Blvd

Ecocentro Puerto Madryn

Perched at the water's edge, the Ecocentro is where one can observe and learn about the area's marine life.  Visitors stroll through the modern, light-filled space to view artwork, skeletons slide shows and other exhibits pertaining to sea life.  Make sure to climb the tower for amazing views.

Julio Verne 3784
U9120OJA Puerto Madryn
Pcia. del Chubut – Argentina
Phone: 54 2965 457470/71/72/73

Punta Tombo
Punta Tombo is a bit of a drive from Puerto Madryn, around 2 hours south on highway 1, but travelers love to see the penguins there.  Punta Tombo Nature Preserve is home to the world's largest flock of Magellanic Penguins.

Ponte Norte
Check out Ponte Norte along the Valdes Peninsula, where visitors often see seals relaxing on the beach.

There are several hotels in the Puerto Madryn area.  A couple to try are Hotel Territorio, a newer property located at the water's edge near Punta Cuevas, or La Posada de Madryn.

Hotel Territorio 
Boulevard Almirante Brown 3251
Punta Cuevas, Puerto Madryn, U9120ACT

La Posada de Madryn
Abrahan Mathews 2951
Puerto Madryn
CP 9120
, Argentina

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