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Rio de Janeiro, Brazil's Carnival

Rio's Carnaval
Photo by Luiz Baltar

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By: Jhoana Cooper

The Carnival, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil’s chief event,  happens at the height of  summer in Brazil. Each year,  thousands of tourists join the local citizens in festivities which spread over four days. The carnival starts on a Saturday and ends on Fat Tuesday, the day prior to Ash Wednesday which marks the start of the period of Lent for Christians. Some tourists make sure that their Rio de Janeiro, Brazil travel is planned is such a way that it coincides with the Carnival.

Samba Parade (Sambodromo)

The Samba Parade, or Sambodromo, is considered the highlight of the carnival in Rio de Janeiro. It is aired on television in all the Brazilian states as well as in other countries and is considered by many to be the best show in the whole world. The Sambodromo takes place on a strip about 700 meters long with luxury boxes and spectator stands on either side. The chief fascination is the sights and sounds of the samba schools that march past until the day breaks. Merely fourteen of the most excellent samba schools are chosen to march through the Sambodromo.

It might take well over an hour for one samba school to pass through the Sambodromo. Each of the samba schools have a richly decorated float, peopled by dancers performing the seductive moves of the samba. Marching samba bands accompany the floats, some with as many as 300 musicians encircled by lady dancers. 

Street Carnivals

If you can’t make it to the Sambodromo at Rio de Janeiro Brazil, you can be present at several of the street carnivals around the city. One of the most conventional street carnivals can be found at Banda de Ipanemais which draws a crowd of up to fifteen thousand. 

Masquerade Balls

There are also Carnival or masquerade balls, some attended by celebrities, where partygoers don designer costumes and dance till the wee hours of the morning. The Copacabana Palace Hotel hosts the most famous ball of all; there is live music by various bands who takes turns on the stage frequently accompanied by a guest singer. 

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

For a holiday maker who is looking for a vacation spot, the city of Rio de Janeiro Brazil is undoubtedly one of the best choices. This city which gives you unmatched pleasure is a mix of people of various colors, creeds and races.  Its distinct scenery, marvelous bay and incredible beaches at one side and towering mountains on the other truly validate its title of Cidade Maravilhosa, or Marvelous City. 

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Don’t forget to plan your Rio de Janeiro Brazil travel around Carnival time; the experience you have at Rio de Janeiro Brazil will be so delightful, you’ll treasure it for many years to come.

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