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Discover the Heartbeat of Brazil - Salvador, Bahia

Salvador, Bahia
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Set on the bay of Todos os Santos, between lush green tropical hills, and beautiful broad sandy beaches lays the city of Salvador, Brazil. Along the shore of the bay 100 meters of cliff divide the city into two parts: Cidade Alta, on top of the cliff, and Cidade Baixa, down on the bay. Cidade Alta is home to Pelourinho, the old city center. Wandering the streets you will easily stumble across some of the best places to explore in Salvador. The area is packed with historical sites, museums, artesian shops, and beautiful examples of colonial architecture. The cobblestone streets typical to the area wind tourists throughout the city, showcasing the area’s unique culture which is derived from a mix of South American and African cultures. In addition to the many dance and music academies found here, there are also a number of schools that teach capoeira, a form of ritualistic fighting that is particular to the African influence on the area. Many of the restaurants serve spicy food typical to Africa, and Candombli ceremonies honoring African deities and Catholic holidays are still observed.

Other places to explore in the Cidade Alta include the two largest squares in the city, Praça da Sé and the Terreiro de Jesus. Terreiro de Jesus is a bustling sector of town. The square is lined with food carts throughout the day, and in the evening hours many choose to pass their time here as well. As far as the Pelourinho goes, Largo do Pelourinho, a small triangular plaza, is one of the oldest parts of town.

Traveling to the tip of the peninsula, visitors find the neighborhood of Barra, which is the most popular beach district. On the coast north of Pelourinho, in Itapuã, a more tranquil atmosphere dominates the air, and although the beaches are less scenic along this coast, they also receive less traffic, making for a more private vacation destination. For the most happening nightlife, the hip neighborhoods of Rio Vermelho and Amaralina offer bars and clubs that are geared towards tourists.

In Cidade Baixa, visitors will find some of the best shopping at the Mercado Modelo, which is full of local crafts and other souvenirs. For the perfect ending to a perfect day in the city of Salvador, be sure to visit Solar do Unhão, and old style house found in Baía de Todos os Santos. During the day you can walk the grounds and enjoy the small Museu de Arte Moderna, home to local pieces, however, at night natural beauty dominates the scene, affording the best view of the exquisite Brazilian sunsets. Salvador stands out as a unique city rich in culture and history, and of course, white sandy beaches.

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Facts of Brazil - Brazil boasts one of the largest areas of rainforest in the world. Salvador, Bahia is packed with historical sites, museums, artesian shops, and more. ProtoTravels, LLC. is a leading global travel company offering invaluable services in the field of travel and tourism.

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