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Travel and tourism throughout Latin America. Tortuguero, Costa Rica
Tourists flock to this little village on a tiny island in order to see the wildlife, particularly the turtles that nest in the national park on the island.   In fact, the name itself is a reference to the tortugas, or sea turtles, that call the island their home.
hawksbill turtle
Turtles on Tortuguero
Tortuguero’s beach filled with huge turtles is an amazing sight, and one you won’t soon forget.  While the giant leatherback is perhaps the most impressive sea turtle, sometimes reaching more than six feet in length,  the smaller, but still striking, green turtle is the most common type found on the island.  Hawksbill and loggerhead turtles can also be seen on Tortugero.

Getting to Tortuguero, Costa Rica
Getting to Tortuguero is part of the adventure, because there are no roads leading to the island and it is accessible only by boat or  plane, usually coming from the port city of Limón, Costa Rica.

Lodging on  Tortugero Island, Costa Rica
Lodging on the island should be booked in advance, since many hotels offer package deals which include transportation on and off the island as well as tours of the turtle nesting grounds.  One to try is Tortuga Lodge
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