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Havana, Cuba

Old Havana
Named a World Heritage Site, Old Havana shows off Cuba’s colonial beauty at its finest.  Walking into the area is like taking a step back in time.  While the area is full of noteworthy sights and attractions, you’ll find that just strolling through the streets of Old Havana admiring the architecture, complete with traditional Spanish courtyards, can be a fascinating activity.
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Classic Car
Classic Car in Havana
Castillo San Pedro del Morro
Completed near the end of the 17th century, this great military fort was designed to protect Cuba from pirates and foreign navies aiming to get a slice of Spain’s colonial pie. It is fascinating to see how the armies of long ago lived in this stone structure.   There is also a naval museum on site. Located high atop a cliff so that soldiers could see the enemy coming from afar, today the fort offers magnificent views of the surrounding area.

Museo de la Ciudad
Learn the fascinating history of  Havana.

Plaza Vieja
A pretty old square surrounded by beautiful structures and offering a wonderful view of the city.

Cemeterio Cristóbal Colón
At first you might think it macabre for me to send you to this cemetery, named for Christopher Columbus, as he’s known in the English speaking world, but once you’re there you’ll understand.  Everywhere you’ll see elaborate monuments built to honor the death, huge sculptures in a variety of shapes and architectural styles.  Amazing!

Partagas Cigar Factory
Partagas is known for its fine cigars, and travelers to Havana will have the option to see how they are made. Cigar lovers in particular will enjoy this tour, but anyone might be interested in watching the work that goes into making a cigar.  If you’ve seen Nilo Cruz’s Pulitzer Prize winning play, Anna in the Tropics, you’ll be particularly interested in the Reader, who’s job is to entertain workers as they produce the cigars by reading to them. You will be given an opportunity to buy cigars at the end of your tour, but may want to shop around beforehand to have an idea of the going price of fine cigars in Havana.

Havana Club Rum Factory
See how rum is made.  Drink some.  Yum!

The Cars
 Looking at the roads of Havana, you’ll think you’re at a classic car convention.  The last time you could buy  a new American car on the island was almost fifty years ago.  Cuba’s residents have managed to keep an amazing number of the old autos in working condition, and it’s fun to spot them driving around Havana.

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