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Dominican Republic Travel Tips

Punta Cana Beach
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When to Go
Temperatures in the Dominican Republic average in the eighties in winter and high eighties to nineties in summer..  Tourists tend to flock to the island during the winter, when ice and snow are covering the ground at home.  Hotels are busiest and prices are at their peak from November to March.  You can experience a top notch resort for bargain prices in the summer months, but be aware that this is hurricane season.

Visa's are required for travelers from the United States and other countries.  A travel visa can be purchased prior to the trip, or for around $10 upon arrival in the Dominican Republic.

While Spanish is the language spoken in the Dominican Republic, most of the people working in the tourism industry are fluent in Spanish.  However, the local residents tend to appreciate tourists who make an attempt to speak their language.

If you're staying at a Dominican Republic resort, the resort will most likely provide transportation to and from the airport, and possibly to other spots around the island.  Check the resort's website or give them a call.  Of course, car rental is available at the airport, or resorts can help you out with car rental as well.
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