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Nazca Lines, Peru

Nazca Spider
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Part of  the draw to the ruins of  Inca and Maya civilizations is the mystique that surrounds them.  Why did the ancients create these structures?  Why did they align some of them to the heavens, and how did they align them so perfectly?  Did they know something that we don't?

Peru's Nazca Lines are a prime example of these mysteries.  Created by the Inca sometime between 500 BC and 500 AD, these geoglyphs are images of animals, plants, fanciful figures and geometric shapes that can be seen in their entirety only from above.  The hundreds of images stretch along the Pampas de Jumana from the town of Nazca to Palpa, about 50 miles away.  In 1994 the Nazca Lines and Pampas de Jumana were named a World Heritage Site by UNESCO.

Most experts believe the Nazca lines were part of religious rituals, while others think they may have been calendars, or elaborate irrigations systems.  The fact that the images were intended to be viewed from the sky at a time before flight has led to speculations about aliens in some quarters.  

Visitors can hire a plane at the local airport to fly over the lines, the best way to see them. 
Casa Andina  - This pretty hotel is conveniently located in downtown Nazca.  Highlights include a friendly, helpful staff, swimming pool, restaurant and bar.  
Jr. Bolognesi 367
Nasca 5156, Peru
51 56 523563

Hotel Alegria - Clean and comfortable, a good value, and right across from Nazca's bus stop.  Has a restaurant, bar and swimming pool.  Offers high speed internet and wifi.
Calle Lima 166
Nazca, Peru
+51 56 522497

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