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Travel and tourism throughout Latin America. Paranda - A Christmas Tradition

Ask a group of Puerto Ricans what their favorite Christmas tradition is, and someone is sure to name the Paranda. A group of revelers goes to the home of a friend and serenades them with Puerto Rican Christmas carols. The friend invites them in for food and drink, and more singing. After awhile the group, sometimes joined by the hosts, moves on to another home and sings. This goes on all night with the group growing in size as more and more people join them.

Manuel R. says, "I remember being so excited for the parandas when I was a small boy in Ponce. We moved to Brooklyn when I was nine, and I thought that I'd seen my last paranda, but I was wrong. We had them in New York too. Everybody would sing and laugh and eat great food - it was the best time!"

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