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Travel and tourism throughout Latin America. Coqui: Symbol of Puerto Rico
Visitors to Puerto Rico can't help but notice the plentiful images of the coqui, the tiny frog with the sweet voice. Coqui stares out from mugs, baseball caps, beach towels, t-shirts and any other item that might cause a tourist to pull out his wallet. And why not? If there's one animal that symbolizes Puerto Rico, it is the coqui.
Roatan Beach
Roatan Beach, Honduras

Evidence shows that the coqui has long held a place in the hearts of Boricuas. Members of the Taino tribe (who inhabited the island long before Europeans stumbled upon it) created paintings depicting a creature that appears to be a coqui frog.

There are sixteen known species of coqui, ranging in size from about 0.6 inches to 3 inches. These treefrogs are native to Puerto Rico and have bulging eyes and suction discs on their toes. Unlike the average frog that produces a rough croaking sound, the coqui sings out its name, chirping "co-qui, co-qui" throughout the night. This unique song is appreciated by most residents, and sorely missed by those who leave the island to seek their fortunes elsewhere. Some coquis have been introduced to other countries, but once they leave Puerto Rico, they will never sing.

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