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The Puerto Rican flag we are familiar with today was first unveiled in 1895, at a meeting of Puerto Rican supporters of the Cuban Revolutionary Party, which advocated independence from Spain. The flag was based on the Cuban flag, with the colors reversed – a white star on a blue background with red stripes, versus Cuba’s red background with blue stripes.

There was a push on the island for recognition of the flag. While the flag was accepted as a symbol of Puerto Rico, it was illegal to fly any flag other than that of the United States on a public building. In 1936 the Puerto Rican flag was hoisted at the San Juan City Hall, and was promptly removed by police and replaced with an American flag. However, the city administrator requested the return of the flag so it could hang in his office, acknowledging the flag’s importance.

Finally, when the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico was established in 1952, the flag was made the official flag of Puerto Rico, to be flown at the same height as the flag of the United States.

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