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Colonia del Sacramento, Uruguay

Colonia del Sacramento, Uruguay
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About 150 miles west of Montevideo lies the tiny city of Colonia del Sacramento, a living museum of colonial architecture and a UNESCO World Heritage Site.  Much of old Colonia was constructed by the Portuguese during the 1600s, and many of the buildings dating from that era still stand, giving visitors the feeling that they've fallen into a time warp.

Barrio Histórico
This is Colonia's old neighborhood and is located in the southwest of town. This is the spot where most of Colonia del Sacramento's tourist attractions and most beautiful historic buildings are located.  

Museo Portugués
The Museo Portugués pays homage to Colonia's Portuguese roots.   The museum presents exhibits dealing with the Portuguese people, customs and architecture that influenced Colonia.

Plaza Mayor
This was the social center of  Colonia's early days and still retains its 17th century flavor.

Iglesia Matriz
If you like visiting beautiful old churches, you won't want to miss this pretty 17th century specimen, the oldest church in Uruguay.

Museo del Azulejo

This little museum boasts an impressive collection of tiles housed in a beautiful colonial manor.

Ruinas Casa del Gobernador 
See how Uruguay's wealthy colonial leaders lived at the House of the Viceroy.  Impressive.

While the historical aspects of Colonia are its claim to fame, you'll also discover some cute shops and great restaurants as you stroll through town.

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