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Five Places to Visit in Uruguay

Colonia del Sacramento, Uruguay
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By: Lorraine Rivera

With all it has to offer, it's a wonder that Uruguay is not more popular among travellers.  With idyllic beaches, fabulous food, historic monuments and cultural treasures, Uruguay has much to see and do.    Here are a few of Uruguay's top vacation spots.

1.)  Montevideo
Uruguay's best known city has beaches, festivals and is a treasure trove of Spanish-Italian art deco architecture. Lucky travellers who arrive at the end of February and early March can join the locals as they dance in the streets.  Make sure to check out the Feria de Tristan Navajos, the market where you can find everything from fruit to antiques to used books.

2.)  Punta del Diablo
If you're trying to escape the frenetic city pace, quiet Punta del Diablo may be just what you seek. You'll be treated to nearly empty beaches, fishing, boating and friendly, down-to-earth village folk.  

3.)  Colonia del Sacramento
Feast your eyes on the historic beauty of Uruguay's Colonia del Sacramento, with its markets, cobbled streets, museum, drawbridge and Plaza de Torros bullring. 

4.)  Punta del Este
Those who love resort-style vacations should head to Punta del Este, known the world over for its luxurious beach resorts, fine restaurants and hopping nightlife.  Art lovers must be sure to check out Casa Pueblo, the Mediterranean style villa that houses a gallery of artist Carlos Vilaro's works.

5.)  Isla de Gorriti
Punta del Este too crowded for you?  Then head to Isla Goritti and find more peaceful, secluded beaches as well as stunning eighteenth-century fortresses.

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