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Isla Margarita, Venezuela

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 By Lorraine Rivera

Just off the northern shore of Venezuela lies Isla Margarita, or Margarita Island,  one of the Caribbean's finest vacation destinations.  Take luxury resorts, shopping, fine dining, and idyllic beaches and combine them with low costs in comparison to other Caribbean islands, and you've got the winning combination that is Isla Margarita. 

Getting There
You can get to Isla Margarita by taking a ferry from Puerto La Cruz on the mainland, or by taking a commuter flight from a larger airport.

Isla Margarita's largest city, Porlamar, is a duty free shopping port, and Venezuelans and foreigners like to take advantage of the great deals to be found in the shops around the city.

Playa El Agua, Isla Margarita
Breathtaking views, good eats and a hopping nightlife makes Playa El Agua one of the most popular beaches on Isla Margarita.  Situated on the northern end of the island, Playa El Agua offers more than two miles of sandy beaches for visitors to enjoy. 

Playa Puerto Cruz
Playa Puerto Cruz is another beautiful Isla Margarita beach to try.  Not only can you soak up the rays, but you can check out the Punta Zaragoza lighthouse that stands guard here. 

Playa La Caracola, Isla Margarita
Head to Porlamar, the island's biggest city, to enjoy Playa La Caracola beach. Young adults flock to this beach, located in Porlamar's Costa Azul neighborhood, drawn by the surf, sand and vibrant nightlife. 

Playa El Yaque, Isla Margarita
Families appreciate the relatively calm, shallow water at Isla Margarita's Playa El Yaque.  Windsurfers love the  winds that blow steadily across the waters off this tranquil beach.

Parque Nacional La Restinga 
La Restinga National Park is not to be missed. Take a boat tour through the park's canals to see the lush greenery and exotic tropical creatures that call it home.Drive across the Macanao peninsula or travel by boat to reach it. 

Head to the Hesperia Isla Margarita Golf Resort for a relaxing round of golf on the island's only course, or make it your home base by staying at the hotel.

Hesperia Isla Margarita
Margarita Island
02 95 265-7371

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